So, you been out spectating at a few events and you think you’d like to get a bit more involved but you’re not sure where to start.
Well, it couldn’t be easier…
Either speak to one of our members at any of the events - we’re all very approachable and will be happy to welcome anyone who would like to lend a hand. Alternatively, get in touch with Steven Broll our Membership Secretary, using his details on the Contacts page.

Membership currently costs £20 for families, £7 for Juniors (under 16) and £10.00 per annum for all others and runs from the AGM in November.
Machars Membership
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Click here to download a copy of the Membership Application form for 2017/18.
Club Merchandise

Simon McCornick is able to supply Club merchandise. If you would like to get your hands on some rather nice hoodies and fleeces all emblazoned with the Machars Car Club logo, then get in touch with Simon by phone on 07780748544 or by email at